Art of Classification

Classification essays are type of essays, which require classifying or sorting certain things, events, phenomena in categories, types, kinds, or sorts.

The process of writing such type of essay includes such moments as the classification itself, then checking out that classification was made according to established rules and the third moment is search of examples for every part of classification. Classification essays can be written at schools, colleges and universities, because at all these educational establishments students have disciplines, which permit to create many classifications. Usually if a student is going to write classification essay, it is presupposed that he or she will create his or her own classification. It is the best variant, but from other side it is already possible to use already established classification. You can present them with new interpretation, addition, or correction. Well, it depends upon your intellect, fantasy, and imagination, because in spite of academic character, essay is also a literary work that’s why it permits the usage of fantasy and imagination, but together with well-known and recognized facts.

As for the object of classification for classification essays, it is also depends upon the wideness of your imagination.

You can classify anything you want, because almost everything has similar sorts or types the only thing is to find really interesting object of classification. If you are interesting in biology, then it is possible to classify certain type of animals or plants in your own way. If you are interesting in chemistry, then it is possible to classify elements in other way and make competition to well-known table of Mendeleev.

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